Ginger_Talks: Amazing wedding photographers

Having worked with some of the loveliest & most amazingly talented wedding photographers across the world, we wanted to share with you come of our top photographers – who we think are a must to contact for your wedding address book! We’ve asked them about their  If you love any of their work over the coming weeks please let them know that you found them here! 

We ask Kari Bellamy from Kari Bellamy photography about her a couple of her favourite photos from the last year.

Top photo: Kari says “I do love this photo of Emily and John on a little boat on a lake on the grounds of their farm wedding venue. We talked through them going on the boat, and I let them know it would look amazing, but they didn’t have any obligation to do it, the boat itself was fairly dirty and the pond wasn’t the cleanest.  But they were such an amazing couple, they had no problem hoping in and going for a little spin around the lake. I love couples that are really willing to give something a try.”  

Second image: Kari says: I think I’ll always have a special place for this photo in my heart.  The couple, Sarah and David, are such awesome people.  This is Sarah’s Dad on the right hand side giving his speech, I can’t remember exactly what was said, but I think the Dad was touching on Sarah and Davids exploit’s as teenagers.  The mix reaction between David’s “OH YEAH” and Sarah’s embarrassment is just perfect.  

Kari works throughout the UK and even travels for destination weddings! Head to to see more & to get in contact x

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