#BOREOFF Cancer!

Lee McKervey the founder of Bore Off clothing, with the support of a Virgin StartUp set up the new ‘Bore-Off to Cancer Campaign’

After having personally experienced the wealth of knowledge and care offered by Macmillan back in 2004 when Lee lost his mother to cancer, he has now decided to set up his own campaign “Bore Off Cancer”. 

The campaign’s message is clear; we’ve had enough of cancer.

Lee says it’s time to give back by joining forces with Macmillan cancer support and is asking everyone to get involved by raising awareness and supporting Bore Off Cancer by donating £5 from all Bore Off Cancer t-shirt sales.

The common misconception of Macmillan is that they solely care for people suffering with cancer who are at the end of life stage, but they actually support patients, and their families, from day one – that’s from the day of diagnosis, through any treatments and far beyond.

Lee says, the level of kindness and support the Macmillan team provided for my mum and our family is something that I will never forget; the Macmillan team are simply admirable. So I hope that you too can support this worthy cause by also saying “Bore Off to Cancer”.

Join Kate Moss, Charlotte Crosby, Richard & Sam Branson, Casey Bachelor, Kieron Richardon & Mark Wright (The Apprentice) In supporting this wonderful cause! Buy your tee here now!

Share your support pics with @boreoff on twitter and @macmillancancer

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