Michael Kors is pleased to introduce its newest limited-edition fragrance, Michael Kors Sexy Sunset. Inspired by the radiant glow of a sunset, it conjures the warm, seductive confidence that’s signature to the Michael Kors woman.

The eau de parfum opens with a burst of nashi pear and notes of lotus flower, blackcurrant and freesia for an alluring floral bouquet. At the core of the fragrance lies an irresistible fusion of lush peony, gardenia rose bouton, magnolia and jasmine, grounded in a sensual blend of woods.

TOP: Nashi pear, blackcurrant, freesia, lotus flower accord

MID: Peony, gardenia, rose bouton, magnolia, jasmine sambac

DRY: Sandalwood, helvetolide, cedarwood, vanilla

Michael Kors Sexy Sunset is housed in the Michael Kors Collection bottle, enhanced with a golden iridescent reflection. The pink juice mirrors the colorful rays of a striking sunset while the carton’s lush custom gradient evokes the bewitching moment just before twilight.  

Michael Kors Sexy Sunset: 30 ml, £39 / 50 ml, £58 / 100 ml, £79 from stores nationwide 

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