A heavenly summer scent from Polynesia

Fly away with us to the Polynesian Islands this summer and surround yourself with the exotic scent
of our new Polynesian Island Tiaré eau de toilette.
The luminous blossoms of tiaré have been used by
generations of Polynesian women to adorn their hair
and perfume their sun kissed skin. We handpick the
young buds before the morning dew to preserve the
brightest, freshest, purest scent. 

Sunshine in a bottle – At the top, a sparkling dash of juicy orange enhances
the warm solar accents of a bouquet of sun-loving
flowers – exotic Polynesian Tiaré blossoms, frangipani
blossom and ylang-ylang at heart, warmed with a
sensuous blend of creamy coconut and addictive
vanilla for a luscious island scent.

Polynesian Island Tiaré eau de toilette,

£8.00 for 50ml, available online at Thebodyshop.co.uk & instore now.

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