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Devoted to your liner? We try this for Spring!

Day in day out we wear liner, generally black, and we hope to get a good baby flick at the end… if this happens… Hooray!!! I’m sure like all of you – it doesn’t always happen that simply! 

Now we usually don’t stray from black liner but we were really intrigued by Rouge Bunny Rouge and their Devotion Ink Quartz Eyeliner in ‘Tanzanite Essence’. This is a gorgeous bluey lavender shade alike the gemstone – Google it! Its rarer than a diamond and we’re obsessed!

This liner is metallic and has a shimmer – just like you’d get with a stone! The application is ever so easy with a sponge tipped wand and it glides straight on with no need for extra lining for colour depth! We’d love it to be waterproof, that’s our only wish for this – and for it to be available as an eyeshadow too! 

It’s going to be out big wear for the spring. Pastel perfect and subtle (sort  of) but perfect for day to day wear, meaning you can transform your day makeup to a nice evening smoky look maybe by creating an ombre liner (Tanzanite to black) into a blue smoked eye! *WHY DID’NT I THINK OF THIS BEFORE*

Quartz Eyeliner Devotion Ink in ‘Tanzanite essence, 28 Euros, Rouge Bunny Rouge – Shop online here

Plus whilst you shop use code RBR-GINGERTALKS20 for 20% off!

Venomous Lips

We all want gorgeous hydrated and smoother looking lips, and we’ve found the perfect product for just that! Introducing Lip Venom, £25.50, Delune Paris. An all natural, organic and vegan product with no parabens, preservatives, synthetic fragrances or chemicals.

Lip venom makes your lips look instantly hydrated upon application, the visible lines on your lips should look reduced and more ‘blurred’. Resulting in your smoother looking lips!

We found it long lasting, and perfectly scented with peppermint, smelling great, but not tasting edible like some solutions, meaning you don’t instantly want to lick it off! We used it before our usual lippie and after as a gloss to make those beauties pop! The best thing is after wearing a drying lippie we could smooth this straight on before bed and we’d wake up with a silky soft prime pout! It’s out hydrating saviour and I’m
Not ready to put this down yet. It’s a beauty bag bonus and essential to keeping those kissable soft lips!

Delune Paris are THE organic vegan company who use their own pressed oils and butters to make these fab products.

Get yours now… Lip Venom, £25.50, Delune Paris at DeluneParis.com with Free UK Shipping

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