Get the glow with Beauty Kitchens Seahorse Plankton range!

Looking after my skin has been the biggest thing on my radar over the last year, making sure I keep it well moisturised and eradicating the use of soaps that dry and most alcohol based skin products that also just dry my skin!

Whilst shooting a campaign for work this year there was whisperings between the crew, from MUA, models and even the photographer (its nice to hear of a guy also looking after his skin!) about their go-to magical oil… a seahorse plankton oil so of course I had to try this out!

Searching through Holland and Barrett, I find the huge range of Beauty Kitchenproducts and eventually found the Seahorse Plankton range…

Luckily for me I guess, I found the Beauty Kitchen Seahorse Plankton Skincare treasures collection, meaning I got to try the entire collection rather than just one item! It contains.

• Everlasting Radiance Cleansing Gel 30ml

• Everlasting Radiance Moisturiser 30ml

• High Definition Facial Oil 15ml

• 5 Minute Miracle Mask 30ml

plus…1% of sales of this range are donated to the conservation efforts carried out by the Seahorse Trust.

Ingredients include Frankincense and Lavender giving the range a subtle scent to help you relax whilst prepping your skin!

All of this was cheaper that I thought and meant that I could try the entire range instead of just the oil, as the bigger bottle of just the oil costs £19.99 alone. Overall, I’m in love with the oil, I put it on day and night, as a base under my make-up some days too! The cleanser is a wash off one, but between that and the 5 minute mask it leaves you with a fresh glow, and I can definitely say i’m always going to use this collection!

Buy the collection now online and in-store at Holland & Barrett