The fabu-lash guide to fake lashes with Ardell beauty!

Get party prepped with our Fabu-lash ultimate guide to lashes… no matter your eye shape or favoured style @ardellbeauty_uk has something for everyone! Our go-to style is their Demi wispy lash – perfect for day and night! From lashionistas to falsie novices, anyone can wear lashes – trust us! Get clued up on the best ways to apply & let’s find out what lash styles will suit you…



Your eye shape is almond if you have a visible crease in the lid and there is no white above or below the iris. Lucky you! Your eyes are a good shape for lashes because your eye has a subtle curve for them to sit on top of. Because of this, almond eyes will likely suit any lashes, but we think these styles will tickle your falsie fancy and here’s why.

Ardell Natural 105s, £5.49, Superdrug – A long, fluttery and lightweight silhouette that will open up your almond eyes and make them seem bigger. This style is also super adaptable so you could wear it to any occasion.

Ardell Demi Wispies, £5.49, Superdrug (Worn above & our fave style) – Ardell’s bestselling lash style has a graduated, mixed length that will accentuate the almond shape of your eyes. Wear them anytime as these can take you effortlessly from day to night.

NEW Ardell Faux Mink 811 Twin Pack, £10.99, Boots – These lashes have a flare on the outer corner which will elongate your almond eyes. This style is also available as a single, but now you can get two lashes for just over the price of one!





These eyes are determined by a deep crease that disappears above and behind the eye. Lashes can be tricky to navigate with hooded eyelids because of the ‘hood’ lid that hangs over the eye, but you don’t have to be afraid of wearing them! These styles will get you lash-worthy in no time.

NEW Ardell Natural 174s, £5.49, Boots – This new style has tapered lashes which will complement the hood of your eye because they are soft and delicate. They’ll also add a subtle boost to your own lashes in length and volume.

Ardell Wispies, £5.49, Boots – This classic Ardell lash style has an elongated centre that will act like a sidekick for your hooded lid. They’re a go- to lash because they’re perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions.

Ardell Wispies 601, £5.49, Superdrug – Try this style with a mix of long and short clusters to open up the hood of your eye like an optical illusion. You can add them to a dramatic and glamourous winged eyeliner for maximum effect





Your eyes are round if you have a crease but there is a hint of white above and below the iris. You will also notice they are more circular than they are oval. Your round eyes are rare and enchanting but steer clear of full lashes as this could overwhelm them and look too busy. Why not try these delicate Ardell lashes instead?

Ardell x Danny, £5.49, Superdrug – These lashes are perfect for creating a subtle and natural look. They’ll really suit your round eyes because the gentle flare in the middle of the lash will emphasise their circular shape.

Ardell Wispies 113, £5.49, Boots – The 113s are super long which will compliment your round eye shape because they open them up. Whether you’re working 9 to 5, or going on a date, these lashes will make your eyes stand out.

Ardell Faux Mink Demi Wispies, £7.99, Boots – To really flatter your round eyes, try wearing the Faux Mink Demi Wispies. The feathered effect on the outer edge of these lashes will enhance the curve of your top lid.




You have ‘mono lids’ if you do not have a crease in your eye lid. These eyes can differ in size, but the good news is lashes are going to look stunning on you because the mono lid creates a blank canvas. Not sure where to start? Not to worry – we think you’re going to fall in love with these styles and we’ll tell you why.

Ardell Pre-Cut Demi Wispies, £6.49, Superdrug – Ardell’s Pre-Cut Demi Wispies are perfect for mono lids because you can tailor them. Make sure you strategically place the sections of lash in positions that will allow everyone to see your flawless lids.

Ardell Wispies 701s, £5.49, Superdrug – Allow your mono lid to be seen with this style. The mix of long and short lashes will open up the eye and add definition to the outer corners.

Ardell Mega Volume 251, RRP: £7.49, Superdrug – This full and voluminous style will benefit your mono lid eyes because they will flaunt your flawless lids and add drama to any!

DO’s & DON’Ts – Applying lashes

Have questions about how to apply your lashes now you’ve selected a style? Check out these DOs and DON’Ts for perfect eyelash application. Explained in the order that you would apply your lashes on.

DON’T – forget to curl your own lashes beforehand otherwise there will be a disconnect, especially if your lashes naturally point downward.

DO – trim your lashes to fit the size of your eyes. Measure them on top of your own lashes and trim from the outer edge until they fit the length of the eye perfectly.

DON’T – add lashes onto bare lashes – add mascara beforehand and wait for it to dry. This will mean that the black false lashes blend in with your own lashes.

DON’T – add too much glue to the strip and wait thirty seconds for it to go tacky so that it will stick better. If you are using DUO Quick Set Glue in Dark or Clear (Superdrug, RRP: £5.99) you will only need to wait five seconds!

DO – add the lashes pointing upwards instead of face on for maximum effect. You will notice a difference when you tilt the strip upwards when applying to your lash line.

Fabu-lash eyes with Eyeko Mascaras

GingerTalks - Eyeko.jpg

Are you looking for that all important mascara? Look no further than Eyeko’s wide range of fabulash mascaras! They have one for nearly every look and occasion, we simply cannot get enough – here we tested three #gifted mascaras to see if we could find our perfect match!

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 5.00.22 PMBlack Magic Mascara, £19

If you want to transform your eyes with the power of Black Magic, grab Eyeko’s black magic mascara. Designed for after-hours seduction, this mascara combines drama, volume and curl with a carbon-black finish to intensify your lashes like no other.

The curvaceous brush lifts lashes for a 90-degree curl, while remaining conditioned, supple and defined with colour that stays true and lasts all night long!

This one is simply my fave, as it lasts so long, curls and gives our super fair lashes a jet black appearance perfect for a big night out with the girls! 


Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 4.59.06 PM


Sport Waterproof mascara, £19

Make perfect lashes your goal with Eyeko’s ace brush to grab and catch every lash teamed with our award winning fibre-enhanced, waterproof formula. Create dramatic lashes plumped to perfection that will see you through your morning workout and beyond. It has a fuller appearance and needs a good makeup remover to clear it away too – meaning no sweaty smeary mascara mess for us after we head to the gym, or out on our lunchtime run *ahem jog*!


The sport waterproof mascara, £19, has won so many awards, it’s got all the beauty editors talking…

‘A mascara that won’t smudge or flake even in extremely sweaty or wet conditions’ – Allure

‘You can swim at a resort in Tulum or take a vigorous spinning class – this waterproof formula will hold up without flaking or dripping’ – InStyle

‘Best Waterproof Mascara: one staffer tested this during a SoulCycle class, and it stayed put. It also doesn’t clump, which can happen sometimes with waterproof formulas, FYI’ –

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 4.56.10 PM


Yoga Waterproof mascara, £19

Eyeko’s Korean-made waterproof formula is infused with Matcha Green Tea blended with botanical fruit extracts including Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry and Vitamin E for an antioxidant boost – like a smoothie for your lashes!

Featuring an innovative new brush design which evokes the beauty of a lotus flower. With a straight tip designed to catch shorter lashes to lengthen and extend and bulbous dense bristles to create curl and volume for a lifted, enhanced lash look that lasts all day.

For me this gave me a wide eyed full natural lash look, super curly and lengthening, its perfect for your day-time subtle looks and even better it stays on for hours with no flaking!

Take your pick – you’ll be sure to find a mascara for every occasion with Eyeko! 

Shop the range from £19 at

Super smooth with the New Nivea body shaving range…

The #NEW Anti-Irritation #body shaving range from Nivea is a UK first and puts users at the forefront of male hair removal!

The sponsors of Liverpool FC have brought us all a fab alternative for him this Father’s Day, and an essential for the weekly shop!

Plus – Ginger Talks’ says it’s not exclusive for men and the fantastic new shaving stick works wonders for quick summer leg prep with less mess!! Follow this up with the after shave lotion to help calm irritation and moisturise all-in-one (believe me this works!)

Buy now online at Superdrug and Boots and in stores nationwide!

Wella good hair!

Sophie Turner dazzled on the red carpet at the 2017 Golden Globes in a floor length structured Louis Vuitton gown. Her sophisticated hairstyle coupled with her graphic dress created a fashion forward look that gave her a sleek edginess on the red carpet, and we know how she did it… with the help of Wella Professionals stylist, Christian Wood, who discussed giving Sophie a grown-up look that is, “modern, clean and simple to create a unique fashion moment and gave us this step by step guide.”…

Step-by-Step Styling:

1. Wash and condition hair using Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Shampoo and Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Conditioner.

2. On clean, damp hair apply Wella Professionals EIMI Root Shoot throughout the entire head to create tackiness and texture.

3. Next, blow dry section by section starting at the nape of the head to create a smooth, shiny finish.

4. Apply 1-2 pumps of Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Smoothening Oil into the palms of the hands and work throughout hair from root to tip.

5. Starting at the nape of the neck, straighten the entire head while brushing all over and apply Wella Professionals EIMI Sugar Lift at the roots for a textured hold.

6. Tuck both sides of hair behind the ear, bringing one side of the lengths out in front of the body.

7.Finish off the look by spraying Wella Professionals EIMI Stay Styled Hairspray onto a powder brush and moving throughout the lengths in a downward motion to remove flyways and frizz, completing the modern, sleek look. Stylist: Wella Professionals Stylist, Christian Wood        

We of course had to try out the shampoo, conditioner and oil set for ourselves too, and you can certainly see we are impressed! The shampoo and conditioner set smells wonderful, and gives us gorgeously sleek and smooth hair, with no nasty residue! Giving us a lasting soft blowdry too afterwards with the help of the subtly sweet fragranced oil… Making this our current fave which hasn’t left our showers side! ♥

Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Shampoo, £13.90 / Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Conditioner, £15.40 / Wella Professionals EIMI Root Shoot, £10.20 / Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Smoothening Oil, £16.00 / Wella Professionals EIMI Sugar Lift, £10.20 / Wella Professionals EIMI Stay Styled Hairspray, £13.50

Let eyes enjoy the beauty

Rouge Bunny Rouge, bring us this little beauty – the limited edition, ‘Phanes’ palette.

Aptly named after the primeval Orphic deity of light and goodness, the ‘Phanes’ limited palette comes to you with five surprise shades of RBR Long-lasting Eye Shadow Refills in individual RBR envelopes, one limited edition black quintet keeper with a large mirror and a double-sided applicator brush. Expect five shimmering treasures including: One stunning highlighter shade, three smoky iridescent neutrals, and one best-selling frosted shimmer that enhances any eye colour.

The empty magnetic palette is very easy to fill with the eye shadow pans and looks perfectly luxurious in black lacquer design with exquisite floral patterns on the lid. Enjoy deep, dynamic iridescence and the silky-soft second skin effect. With its extended 8-hour wear, the eye shadow formula is made to stay put and to look freshly applied all day long.

We love how these RBR shadows melt into each other, blending like butter and toast, its magical, and beauty at its best! Grab the refill pans online at beauty bay for just £15, alternatively find the palette which is 50 Euros with a spend of 150 Euros from their online store…

Plus can you see that gorgeously shimmery look? This we did with The RBR ‘Fire Drops’ Loose glitter pigment in Wishing for wings, £20, Soft beautiful pigment in a pretty little dip tube, for you to smother yourself in to your hearts content…. now dont go lookng like the child that has nicked mummys makeup in all the excitement… but do enjoy thats what beauty if all about! We barely needed any, and just added a simple face with tarte highlighter and blush to top it off a treat!

Find out more at

And Buy this beautiful makeup at

Time to start spring cleaning!

It’s that time of year, where a spring clean is needed, so why not ditch your old and well used brushes, and invest in some more brand new brushes to add to your beauty haul!

QVS Professional Size Makeup Brush Set, £18, is available from Amazon, Tesco & Morrisons.

Use it to accomplish and maintain flawless make-up everyday with the full sized professional cosmetic brush set. THE KIT CONTAINSPowder Brush: Brighten and define your facial features and decolletage with this professional size bronzer brush. The generous plump head and natural hair bristles pick up and diffuse powder evenly and effortlessly. The brush features a long handle for comfort and support when applying makeup. Foundation Brush – Apply foundation flawlessly time after time with this foundation brush that seamlessly applies and blends without streaking. Helps to build up an even coverage and base layer using both liquid and cream foundation. With the highest quality nylon bristles, the brush holds its shape and will not feather to ensure a professional finish every time. This brush can also be used to apply primer, face masks, tinted moisturiser, BB and CC creams. Eyeshadow Brush For controlled application, made with premium synthetic nylon bristles. This can also be used for even and smooth concealer application .Eyeshadow/Eyeliner Brush For statement eyes, this can be used with eye shadows and eyeliners for a controlled application. Lip brush To make applying lipstick or gloss effortless and made with premium synthetic nylon bristles. Natural hair bristles give the product a longer life span and mean it should perform effectively and distribute the product evenly. The bristles will soften as the product is washed and will continue to hold its form.

QVS, Beauty Starts Here, don’t hesitate today and spring clean your makeup bag!

‘Xperia-nce’ the precision

Sony brings us the new Xperia XZ & it perfects the fundamentals of a great smartphone. Packed with innovations in technology, it boasts a photo-pro’s camera, an intelligent battery and smart features that adapt to you. And it’s all delivered in a stunning, evolved design. 

Our version came in a striking metallic blue casing, created with a high purity ALKALEIDO™ metal, adding depth, shine and brightness to the finish.

We were impressed with the idea of the intelligent battery life, it picks up when and how long you usually charge your phone for, so that I can spread its full capacity charge across the hours it’s in charge – so say if you charge it nightly whilst you sleep – it will spread the charge across those average 8 hours so it’s. It overcharging a full battery! If you want a quick blast though make sure your settings for intelligent are off otherwise you may not get that quick zap you need to get you home after work!

The camera with three times the precision – Xperia XZ comes loaded with the advanced photography technologies you recognize from other Xperia smartphones. They’ve also added triple image sensing technology to analyse, adapt and capture perfect shots in challenging conditions. Life’s best subjects are rarely still for long. Xperia XZ allows you to capture even moving objects – before the moment passes you by. Bringing together the power of an imaging sensor and a laser autofocus sensor, you can freeze movement in the sharpest detail, even when the light is low. 

 We found the camera quick to load and useful to have the second camera button on the side for landscape use, alike a real camera. It helps aid the quick load from standby to camera in 6.5 seconds – meaning you won’t miss a thing!

Overall it’s a fab phone with a good range of emojis for those that love to use them. Unfortunately I don’t get on too well with android myself, due to using phones with other platforms since the start of time, but once you’re used to it it’s great for those that want a quick happy snap to treasure your memories with or to use along with Spotify for smooth playing clear music.

Remember this could be your Christmas gift! It’s not long now!

Sony Xperia XZ, £550 Pay as you go

Find more info and specs over at

The BeArty of Art

The philosophy over at BeArty is simply to allow people to express their passion through art. BeArty works with a global network of talented artists to offer a huge selection of wall art options – the result is beautiful, affordable art that suits everyone’s pocket. With such a large choice of many types of art from paintings to photography to illustrations all based around popular themes that are sure to excite and inspire you, our goal is simple – let BeArty help you to beautify your life!

Above we have just a few select versions of the beautiful artworks you could have in your home, thanks to BeArty. They have something in the collection for every taste, room and bring you art for your passion! 

The pieces can be ordered direct to your home in a variety of sizes and finishes. From simple thoughts such as ‘Love is Forever to cute little giraffe’s for your little one’s room. You could be shopping endlessly even for more prints to change your home look all year round. The even have Star Wars prints! (You can see the categories in the above picture!) The quality of the stock they’re printed on is fantastice, heavy duty with quality ink and safely delivered in a tube to your door ready to frame!

Prices range across the images – Above top to bottom:

Love Is Forever by Nukhet Cetin, from £14, (20x30cm),

Art print of Blumen by Mouni Feddag, from £12

Art print of Map Painting by Mark Ashkenazi, from £12

Art print of Marilyn Monroe Pop by Mark Ashkenazi, from £12

Art print of Giraffe by Irina Chetvertukhina, from £12

All available from

Perfectly prepped party hair

From those responsible for
bringing keratin smoothing treatments
to the UK and altering hair history, the creators of 72 Hair have developed a
range that creates healthy, gorgeous hair with minimum effort and maximum
style.  With over 72 years combined experience
in the hair industry and years of research and development, 72 Hair have
devised a new generation, gel based
keratin, guaranteed to offer consumers the power to eliminate the daily
struggle of maintaining perfect looking hair.

Packed full of ingredients to
create perfect results, the innovative and new generation Gel Based Keratin is the leading ingredient.  This new gel formulation penetrates hair
quickly, rejuvenating hair back to its healthy original condition.  Hydrolysed
revitalizes the hair and helps rebuild strength to increase hair
elasticity and reduce breakages. Collagen creates a protective shield
against irritation and exposure to chemical treatments, aiding body,
manageability and increased tensile strength.  Finally, Hydrolysed
encourages smooth, shiny and easy to manage hair, whilst helping to
protect against environmental damage.  

72 Hairs’ philosophy is to ensure
everyone can achieve the same perfect results regardless of their hair texture
and type. Suitable for over processed/ coloured/ afro hair or tresses in a
virgin state, the 72 Hair collection repairs the cuticle, improving condition
without affecting hair structure.

This innovative collection
consists of a Nourishing Shampoo, £14.99, for
normal/colour treated hair, Intensive
Moisture Shampoo £14.99,
 for chemically treated or damaged hair, Hydrating Conditioner £14.99, for deep
nourishment, Blow Dry Cream, £14.99,  to
restore moisture and protect from heat, Repair
Oil, £14.99, 
for frizz free, shiny hair and the hero product and an incredible Intense Replenishing Mask, £24.99 to help to
de-frizz, strengthen and replenish.

The Blow dry cream left our hair fantastically moisturised and shiny with no residue or following greasy-ness. Plus the added subtle fragrance. We love it, and no use it every time we get our hair dryer out! 

online from £14.99 at and
selected salons nationwide; including Rush Salons, Josh Wood Atelier, Jo
Hansford and Paul Edmonds 

A Citrus carnival for AW16

This Autumn, Accessorize team up again with Heathcote & Ivory to bring us another fab beauty selevction. A colourful geometric uplifting and fun Accessorize design that translates perfectly into the world of toiletries and travel, focusing on handy useful beauty must-haves.

Each receives the Accessorize magic with wonderful scents and great formulations.Twist together the scent of bergamot, mandarin and grapefruit, mix in a spicy edge of nutmeg and ginger, add the scent of pretty rose and finish with a subtle woody base and that’s Citrus Twist. 

The Citrus Twist collection contains: 

Lip Balm with Star Charm 20g
A delicious lip balm, blended with protective beeswax and hints of coconut and sweet caramel with a dainty detachable hanging charm to decorate phones, purses, or personalise jewellery, £5.00

Hand Sanitiser with Gold Tassel 30ml
Keep hands freshly scented and deeply cleansed with this handy sanitiser. Complete with a dainty golden tassel, to accessorize bags, purses or jewellery. Twist together citrus scents for shiny happy clean! £5.00


Bath Petals in Box 58g
Colourful Citrus Twist bathing accessory to decorate and appreciate bath time better. Simply scatter bath petals containing moisturising glycerin, into a warm bath for an indulgent spa like experience, float away for softened scented relaxation.£10.00

Handbag Essentials of Hand Cream 30ml, Lip Balm 20g & Nail Buffer

Three must have travel-sized accessories in the perfect fit Accessorize tin. A high-shine nail buffer, beeswax lip balm, hydrating hand cream with shea butter, beeswax, aloe vera leaf extract, cocoa seed butter and glycerin to keep hands and lips in check. £10.00

Bath Bomb Crackers 9 x 5g

Bring in the festive season with some extra fizz! Each cracker contains 3 mini bath bombs to fragrance and soften the bath. Twist together the scent of bergamot, mandarin and grapefruit, mix in a spicy edge of nutmeg and ginger, add the scent of pretty rose and finish with a subtle woody base. £6.00

Travel Hand Creams 3 x 30ml

Moisturise on the move, let’s twist and shout about three travel-sized hydrating hand creams. Formulated with enriching shea butter, beeswax, glycerin and cocoa butter, hands are left softly moisturised and delicately fragranced.£6.00

Available from Accessorize stores & from September 1st

Marvelous matte colour wear from Maybelline

Color Tattoo Creamy Mattes from Maybelline, £4.99, are perfect to use on their own for a maintained matte look, or to wear underneath shimmer shades as a primer. We teamed these up with the Maybelline blushed nudes palette to create an all night wearing nudey pink smokey look.

Creamy mattes last f-o-r-e-v-e-r…. and are so well pigmented they cover the eye with ease, and you only need a little bit! We love these, and have added them to our everyday pool of must wear beauty… we just dont have a bag big enough to carry it around with us! 

The use of innovative pigment technology for a super-saturated colour, is used for these beautiful creams, that now come in a matte finish.
Smooth cream-gel formula. Up to 24hr staying power.
The new collection is available in 4 beautiful Matte shades.

For Best Results

1) Dot on lid
2) Smooth across end to outer corner

Available now, from Boots, Superdrug and all other good retailers.

Get your glow with Clarins New Instant Glow Spring Make-up Collection

This January, Clarins bring us this wonderful confidence boosting set. This collection is brought to us to brighten our eyes with flattering shades, a flush of rose to our cold icy cheeks and a swipe of colour and gloss to those lips.

(T-B, L-R) 

Ombre Iridescent shadows, £19

We Tried the Silver Ivory Shade, and this was made to beautifully enhance the eyes. Along with the three other shades of silver pink, silver green & silver plum. 

Rouge Eclat Age-Defying lipstick, £19.50 

Clarins bring this lipstick that offers more than just colour, they deliver real skincare benefits by protecting lips and visibly minimizing fine lines.The Nutri-Youth Complex protects lips against dehydration and boosts collagen, VitaminE protects against free radicals and 100% plant waxes including mimosa, jojoba and sunflower provide instant comfort, with an intense long lasting colour. Rose Praline was our colour of choice, and we absolutely love the smooth long lasting colour and the trademark clarins berry fragrance.

Multi Blush, £18.50

We didn’t try this beauty, but this is a lightweight cream which melts into the skin to sculpt, smooth and accentuate freshness by adding a hint of colour to the cheeks. Full of floral waxes including rose, sunflower, jojoba and mimosa, these protect your skin from dehydration.

Limited Edition Natural glow 5 colour eye shadow Palette, £33

We absolutely love this iridescent rose-bronze compact, with five wearable day to night shades, and a soft double ended brush, this is your go to palette for all season any occasion wear. From beige to satin browns, we can use this for our nude day look to smokey evening peepers! Get yours now before they run out! You’ll regret it otherwise!

Coming soon… Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector review! 

Buy yours now from