Glossier… Worth the hype?

It’s 2018 and I have officially dived head first into the world of acids & how they can really help with our skin! Bring along one of the newest most talked about products & brands… Glossier

This year they launched Glossier Solution and they claim to revamp your skin in just four weeks… In a poll by Glossier‘s daily Solution Users 3 our of 4 people stated that

  • After 24 hours – Skin felt cleaner & softer.
  • After 1 Week – Skin looked smoother, brighter and clearer
  • After 2 Weeks pores looked smaller and skin looked glowy
  • After 3 weeks – pores were unclogged and there was reduced redness and more even skin.

So we had to try it – especially after living for so long with massive pores on my face!!

Solution works by removing the dead skin cells that blocks our pores & penetrates deep into each individual one. Using a variety of Acids within the Solution such as Glycolic / Lactic / Citric & Salicylic Acid* – all chemical exfoliants ex the citric which modified the skins pH levels! (Please note as we’ve previously stated we are new to acids and we recommend EVERYONE checks out the products containing acids carefully and makes sure they will suit their skin before applying anything directly to your skin!) [I rely on other beauty boss’ that are in the know more-so about these things like Caroline Hirons & Alessandra Steinherr – reading and watching absolutely everything of theirs!]

We gave it a go and we are happy with our results so far! After using the product for 4-6 weeks we had the initial tingling sensation on our first week, whilst using every other day – a short lived mild tingle sensation leaving us with immediately noticeable smoother skin!

Over weeks two to four we noticed an array of changes such as smoother skin for longer, my smaller pores vanishing and the largest ones decreasing in size… it also has a positive effect on my old chicken pox scars and it’s helping them reduce down a little too!

Beat in mind whilst using this product – don’t use it on your microbladed or semi-permanent brows! It will fade the pigment a lot quicker meaning you’ll be due a top up much quicker than anticipated … I wouldn’t want to put that well spent money down the drain 😅

Another thing to consider is the time of day when applying the product! If you are heading out I’d recommend not using it in the morning! Solution makes your skin even more sensitive to the sun and glossier recommend that you wear factor 50 if heading out after application! – due to this as I have very fair skin I use it at night as part of my routine, after an initial cleanse whilst showering *no soap*, I apply Solution, then apply my fave serum finishing with a layer of a gentle colloidal oatmeal moisturiser from Cuderm or of I’m heading out for the evening I apply a blend of Neutrogena’s #HydroBoost Serum blended with the HydroBoost Water Gel as it contains Hyuralonic Acid which effortlessly hydrated my skin and creates a perfect base for my makeup!

The packaging really targets the teen market and is packaged to be totally Glossier from outer postal box to final product! We love the push down dispenser at the top too!

Overall thoughts… Worth the hype of it works for you!!

Glossier Solution, £19 for 130ml – Buy online at Glossier

An in-sight to Semi-permanent brows…

Semi-permanent brows… they’re a MUST! …

Now I was very tentative about heading to any salon and letting ANY person near my face with any form of tattooing tools… and a slight fear of a permanent fixture of brows on my face which could be the totally wrong colour.  Fear not, you won’t walk out like a character from The Simpsons, I hope!…

Semi permanent make-up is now hugely popular, with brow, eyeliner and lip liner procedures widely available. It consists of applying a hypo allergenic pigment into the dermal layer of the skin, using a non-surgical process, similar to that of tattooing.

Lasting for years, the key to perfection is to find a professional semi-permanent make-up artist to be honest – ITS CRUCIAL! 

Meet Sophie from Beau Boutique in Ashford, Kent. Even before we met, I received a detailed outline in the post of exactly what the procedure is, and how to look after my new brows once complete. Once at the salon, I had numbing cream applied to the area, as I awaited my appointment time. She immediately put me at ease, in particular with the first question… what would YOU like? We discussed shape and colour (for me i’m a redhead so as natural as possible!) Sat on the bed, she explained that she would draw on the shape, using a method of measuring and freehand strokes, plus also draw in (with white pencil areas where she would remove any present hairs.

Safe to say I was already happy when she finished drawing! – The procedure took around two hours, where she alternated between brows, applying the pigment (shade hazelnut by L.I) in hair strokes to each brow. Every time she moved to the other she would apply more numbing cream, to keep me as comfortable as possible. Once the hair strokes were complete, she asked whether I would like shading to make them look much more natural, which I agreed to, and she proceeded over each brow shading in the area. (This bit hurt a little bit I’m not going to lie) – but this is due to going over the areas she had already done so of course they were a bit tender!

At this stage ladies… DON’T PANIC – your brows will be a darker colour and will lighten during the healing process! Mine were exactly like this statement… darker and bolder and I was thinking I hope I haven’t gone too dark!!! But Sophie was very assuring and instructed me on my healing process aftercare before I left.

Immediately after the treatment

Dry healing is Sophie’s method of choice, where the evening after your bathe your brows with a cotton wool ball using cool boiled water. After this there’s no getting them wet for 14 days! (I prepare for my brows with an exfoliating scrub or mask the day before in my brow area and I think this helped preserve my sanity somewhat with the dry healing process as they go dry and scabby in this time and you can’t pick or scratch!!! – so I find preparing the skin so it’s at its best for application makes the process easier and less itchy!)

Four weeks later you will return for a free colour boost if needed, where any gaps in the colour will be filled and bring them back to perfection! After you have your perfect brows and are walking around giving your fleeky brows the eye in every mirror possible, look after them!

Make sure when going abroad you keep them out of direct sunlight with a hat or big sunnies to prevent fading, and no matter where you are make sure you give yourself a good coverage in spf too! (Even on the cloudiest of days!)

Also consider what you are putting on your face as part of your skincare routine. Do you know the ingredients that you are putting on your skin? If not I truly believe you should know! In the age of the acid cleanser – think @glossier #solution or @beaskincare gentle Exfoliating cleanser (reviews coming soon) and the multiple acids available from the likes of @theordinary and @pixi (plus many more) you need to check because Glycolic acid should be avoided on your new brows. As over time this will cause them to fade. (We noticed that one of our fave in-shower face masks contains this too! So we are taking care with this and making sure our brows are avoided during this process in our routine!

Only last thing you have a couple of different styles to choose from…

Hairstroke brows – Where individual ‘hairstrokes’ of pigment are applied to the brow line, extremely natural and great to replace non existent hair from over plucking!

Powder brows – a more blocky style where pigment is dispersed throughout the whole area. in the form of shading… These are the best option for oily skin, as the oils tend to make the hairstroke option blur more. Plus Oily skinned brow lovers are likely to need colour boosts more often at around 8-10 months instead of 12 months onwards!

Brows with Sophie Clarke are £275 to book call or go online (Please let her know you saw this post too!) Beau Boutique