Celebrate like a Queen this Christmas

Armand de Brignac is somewhat unheard of amongst the usual champagne en-masse brand names. This is great in part for the brand, owned by Jay-Z since 2014, because it means a quality and fine product for us all to discover. The company produces only a set amount each year, with a small team which crafts the elements of the production process. Hand applied labels, hand turning each striking metallic bottle, and hand crafted black cases (we’d just like the bottle and case to look at – it’s beautiful!) They even recycle the cases to help our planet too! High-five JayZ!

Inside you find a beautifully light and soft champagne, not harsh or dry to taste. We aren’t usually huge on champagne – but pass a bottle of

Armand de Brignac and we might just not give it back! (Please drink responsibly though… ♥)

For those of you who’d like to be like Queen Bey and sip away on a fine champagne this Christmas – head to Harrods for the new stocking friendly sized bottle exclusively for this festive season only! 

Armand de Brignac £125 (for 187ml), available instore and online at Harrods