Blushing beauty with the new UD x Gwen Palette

We asked Gwen to let us in on her best makeup tricks. (Did you know that she’s big on defining and highlighting?) Armed with her secrets, together we created her perfect blush palette. Get Gwen’s glowing, contoured skin with six versatile shades of blush, bronzer and highlighter she can’t live without—all in our 8-hour formula—and go from casual to your version of red carpet.

£35, available from

Beautiful brows with Gwen

Ever dealt with brows that are naturally less than perfect? Gwen has too! That’s why she was so passionate about curating this brow kit. It holds TWO super-versatile brow powder shades we created just for her, mini tweezers to eradicate strays, two mini angled brushes to shade and sculpt, two mirrors (one magnifies!), and wax to set those perfect arches.

Our gorgeous tester Paige, delved straight in and tried this diddy palette out, and she loves the fact that the application is so easy, the packaging really cute and the formula non chalky like many others are.

RRP £19.50, available from