Precision hair removal in minutes thanks to Veet!

Having a tool to hand to assist with hair removal gently and precisely is what the Veet UK Precision styler is for… with two grooming heads with extra length combs this is a versatile little gadget that even helps trim that stray brow when you can’t find the tweezers or can’t get to the salon for a wax!

We loved how close the trim was, with minimal to no pulling alike other stylers that we have experienced. Multiple attachment heads allow for finer and closer trims, and use in different areas of the body. The smaller angled head has two trim sides and gets into the correct angle for up close and personal trims, giving you ease of direction for shaping those perfect brows, or tidy bikini line. Pack it up in the little waterproof bag with all the accessories to head away on your travels! Its an absolute winner for us!

Get yours online at Boots – currently on offer for £15.99! Barg! Via this link.

Summer holiday body prep – sorted with Bare Derma

Summer holiday body prep is sorted with Bare Derma

This kit from BareDerma provides you with all the essentials pre and post bikini line hair removal which are all ph neutral and natural! – Restoring and rejuvenating, the BareDerma Kit Includes – Natural intimate purifying cleanser, Intimate Bump-free scrub, Intimate Perfecting Calming Mask & Intimate Resurfacing Lightening cream, all for £29.99 together, or from £8.50 each.

The Natural intimate purifying cleanser, is a pH balancing, mild and soothing intimate wash with a delicate 100% natural aroma of Ylang Ylang and Organic Geranium oils. With no harsh detergents or artificial fragrances, it will encourage the maintenance of a natural balance to help keep bugs and unwanted reactions at bay. Ideal to keep those super unfriendly soaps…

The Bump-free scrub is the perfect prep for your hair removal appointment, – the exfoliation will help your treatment last longer, and makes for less time grooming for the poolside on holiday!  Follow up the treatment with the calming mask – and you will have a super smooth moisturised finished product!

The lightening cream is something we decided not to try out… we aren’t sure on this type of thing but if its your ‘bag’ try it – as the whole range is softly fragranced, and is sure to work alike the rest of the range!

Shop the range online from £8.50 now at