Gisela Graham launches beautiful bathing range

Famed for her beautiful home decorations and accessories for over 30
years, designer Gisela Graham has put her gift for colour and eye for
detail into her first ever bathing range.

The range, which includes two fragrance collections, Spring Blossom and
Summer Meadow, is beautifully packaged in vintage-inspired floral prints of
Gisela Graham’s own design.

Gisela Graham’s love for flowers goes back to her childhood in rural North
: “My special favourites were pink and white Wild Dog-Roses in the
hedgerows with their light, fleeting perfume. And I loved the peonies in my
grandmother’s garden in the village where I grew up. They’re called Pfinkstrosen in German, meaning Whitsun Roses,
and they have a more positive, rich, warm kind of scent.  So I asked them to try and capture a hint of
those childhood memories in my fragrances.
I think they’ve done a lovely job.”

Gisela Graham Bathing will be available in Waitrose stores, the range is
made up of two fragrance collections:

Spring Blossom: Briar Rose and Honeysuckle, a delightful floral fruity fragrance with top
notes of Green Apple, a floral heart of Rose, Honeysuckle and Magnolia and a
base of Peach and Musks.

Summer Meadow: Peony Blooms, an enchanting summery floral fruity fragrance with Peony and
Red Apple top notes, a heart of Rose, Jasmine and Gillyflower and a warm base
of Musks and Patchouli.

Available exclusively at Waitrose and at £3.95 each item