Ginger_Talks: Magic Mike XXL

Welcome back Mike (Channing Tatum) & his friends, to giving the women of the world, one last night to remember!

We meet Mike three years on, running his business and missing his mates. Opportunity comes knocking when the guys call, offering a trip of a lifetime to Myrtle Beach, for one last dance at the annual stripper convention. 

Full of those all important moves to get every woman’s attention, the movie is saucy and can whip up a frenzy in minutes! With some of the best moments being when ‘Big dick Richie’ (Joe Manganiello) is tasked with cheering up a service station girl, who looks like she has never smiled in her life. Of course without doubt, one look at him would make any lady smile, but this time he has to work HARD! – Pass the cheetos and soda & Voila. 

Inspired by Richie’s result, the guys forget their old routines to come up with something new. Think, sex swings, glitter, bats, marriage, cream and sprinkles & the traditional girl on a chair gyrating routine. And lets just say, new girl Zoe (Amber Heard) is the luckiest lady of all. Being the one to have Mike dancing for her in his final dance, without doubt you will ALL want to be her! 

This leaves us wanting more, and we think Channing could manage it all himself, without the rest of the guys, but of course those guys are all a little bit of something for every lady out there! 

Five Stars… Now can someone give Channing & Joe our numbers? Haha!

Check out the teaser trailer here 😉 You’re welcome!