Ginger_Talks: Menswear mondays with Mr Quintessential

Mr Quintessential was born from the idea that no gentleman wants to dress older or younger than his years. With the brands founder, Simon Jacobs reaching late-40s, he wanted to dress in a way that let him stand out, a way to not succumb to the stereotype that older men lose interest in fashion, nor did he want to emblaze himself in brash logos that heavily feature on the high street.

When it comes to clothes, in Simon’s opinion, men are interested in investment pieces.

Mr Quintessential’s AW15 collection comprises of timeless cashmere that fits perfectly.

From classic crew and v-neck jumpers to shawl-neck cardigans that breathe life into your existing wardrobe. Mr Quintessential offers the most luxurious pieces made of 100% Mongolian cashmere.  

Prices start from £170, available from