Refresh your senses

Treat skin every day to a unique home spa experience combining a fusion of natural extracts and therapeutic oils with the skincare collection from SenSpa.

Harnessing a powerful blend of five herbal extracts, including bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange, and lemon, the One Minute Radiance Mask (£9.99, 100ml) is a unique triple-action mask designed for time-poor women like me, who still love a little luxury in their skincare regime, to cleanse, exfoliate and revitalise skin in just one minute.
We used this formula that has gentle exfoliating particles. The non-drying mask detoxifies, decongests and rids skin of daily impurities and congestion without stripping away vital moisture. Sugar Cane extract, a source of glycolic acid, works with the citric acids found in Oranges and Lemons to gently buff away dead skin cells, whilst antioxidant Bilberries help to safeguard the epidermis from free radicals. Skin instantly appears renewed and more radiant with a healthy glow. The best thing about the mask there was no skin tightness, just softness and smoothness and a lovely scent to relax to! 

We also took the time to treat our body too! With the SenSpa Detox Body scrub (£6.95, 200ml) Full of marine extracts each oil has been selected for its’ unique properties and blended together to create a spa ambience reminiscent of the exotic East. Each of these oils work in harmony with marine extracts and the key ingredients of:

• Pumice:
gently exfoliates the skin to eliminate dirt and
remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin beautifully smooth and soft to touch.

• Organic Seaweed: known for its detoxifying properties,
seaweed helps to reduce cellulite and fluid retention
while stimulating the lymphatic system and sweeping
away the body’s toxins.

• Dead Sea Salts: gently work to combat stress and calm
the nervous system, further easing muscle stiffness and
tension for complete calm.

This reviving body scrub has an energising scent, whilst being deeply cleansing and nourishing the body for a healthy and hydrated appearance. Just the right mix for us to want to use it over and over again! 

SenSpa is an award winning Thai spa based at Careys Manor Hotel in the heart of the New Forest. The beautiful signature Natural Body Therapy range has been created to be as true as possible to the spa’s fundamental philosophies of indulgence, inner healing and balance of mind, body and spirit. SenSpa is 97% natural with 100% natural essentials oils and no added fragrances. There are a total of 22 products in the range, all made in the UK.

SenSpa Natural Body Therapy is available from Waitrose stores and, the boutique at SenSpa Careys Manor Hotel and online at

All of their products are as natural as they can possibly be and are free from Parabens, Petrochemicals, Sulphates and animal ingredients.