Treat your teeth to a gift

Treat your teeth with the new @colgateuk ConnectE1brush which is perfect for the tech-savvy and time deprived parents! It uses #artificialintelligence to track your brushing and tells you via the Bluetooth connected app just how well you’re brushing and even teaches you how to do it better too!

Brushing your teeth is a twice daily occurrence for most yet we still may be missing parts and not getting that perfect brush completed… Throughout your brushing journey you get smile points for each brush plus a percentage of how well you’ve done with an image displaying yellow areas for any missed areas or where you haven’t spent long enough brushing! The coach even shows you the correct angle for brushing too!

Perfect for adults you can equally get the kids involved with two games to play whilst brushing! – They both encourage you to brush certain areas to do better in each game meaning you get fab brushing coverage whilst making it fun!

The toothbrush, which has been designed with the help of dentists, provides real-time feedback on your brushing habits in 16 zones of the mouth, even tracking regularity, your speed and the angle of your brushing. The Colgate Connect E1 Smart Electronic Toothbrush connects to your smartphone via the Bluetooth app. This helps you or your loved one (including the kids) to prevent dental problems before they start.

For a super smile this Christmas shop now exclusively at @apple for £89.95!

AD | GIFTED item – #notpaid

Brush up the environment as well as your teeth!

I bet you’ve never thought about the amount of toothbrushes you get through and then the fact they end up in landfill around the world. In fact over in the US 50 million pounds (lbs) of toothbrushes go into landfill!!!

Now we have a way to tackle this! Care for the earth and clean up your carbon footprint with these 100% biodegradable natural bamboo toothbrushes BY F.E.T.E (From Earth to Earth).

Made from one of the worlds fastest naturally renewing resources (bamboo) the toothbrushes are beneficial to us too because, it’s anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and antibacterial meaning it shouldn’t pick up he unseen bathroom nasties floating around!

We love the simple design, with coloured ends and coloured bristles, it’s a simple
Designer toothbrush! Packaged in 100% biodegradable and Recyclable materials!
It has a lovely feel in your hands, and gives you a good feeling of cleanliness!

Multipacks available online at for £15. Also sold separately! 🌎

Get your summer smile in shape with


Everyone, wants brighter whiter teeth, especially to accompany your new holiday tan. In preparation for my holiday to Zakynthos (Zante), Greece, I headed straight to


Canary Wharf. 

On the menu for my lunchtime treatment is the High Gloss Diamond Polish, £89 (ideal for those of you who don’t have time for time off work) as it takes around 40-50 minutes. Being not a huge fan of the dentist – this was one of the most relaxing dentist visits i’ve ever had! Mindful of time they even check that you can get back to work in good time too! They were very precise and would double and triple check to make sure I left with the best, glossiest smile I could have in time for the sunshine! I would recommend! 


Smilepod®, the growing and progressive London wide dental group is launching Rejuvenate at Smilepod, aimed at giving clients the same high quality of care in the aesthetics treatments as in dentistry.

Rejuvenate at


offers a range of cosmetic and clinical treatment using Botulinum Toxin type A. They also offer dermal fillers.

Rejuvenate at Smilepod – treatments

  • Anti-ageing injectables
  • Dermal fillers
  • Lip enhancement
  • Gummy smile
  • Jaw tension
  • Facial Slimming

Anti-Ageing Injectables  

1 area, £199, 2 areas, £269, 3 areas, £329

Dermal Fillers/ Lip Enhancement; Juvederm R , Restylane R or Teosyal R

0.5ml vial, £195, 1ml vial, £259

The Beverly Hills Formula to less sensitive teeth

Launching this July, Beverly Hills Formula Perfect white Black sensitive toothpaste will solve your sensitivities whilst whitening your teeth! 

This revolutionary toothpaste – black in colour from the activated charcoal ingredient, has been formulated to offer high performance whitening without the harsh chemicals, Removing stains leaving you pearly white! 

We tried this – and of course its odd to have a black toothpaste, but you come away feeling ultimately refreshed and with slowly whitening teeth! 

Available from £4.99 at Superdrug stores nationwide, Lloyds pharmacies and independant pharmacies.